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What would you recommend to someone who is just starting taking your supplement. Which ones would you say would make the best investment into antiaging, if one were on a budget?

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Hi Colleen,

We have many supplements. But here is my priority list as of 01/13/2017. 

Now, there will be 1-2 new products soon so that this list may change. Please note that you should eat well and take a multivitamin with magnesium and folic acid to help make the most of your anti-aging supplements.

Priority to improve cell function within 2-3 months:

1- Resveratrol (even if you buy our cheapest resveratrol called Orgonica or the M98, it would be first on my list)

2- MetaCurcumin (Capsules or pump, it doesn't matter)

These two alone activate ALL 7 sirtuins in human immune system cells. (Yes Dr. V has confirmed it)

3- MetaQuercetin (Pump, to help do away with bad cells)

Priority to improve cell division and DNA:

4- A Telomerase activator, like TA-65 (Even if it's the small 30 capsule bottle)

5- ProxyStem (which aims to deal with many stem cell health issues and supports healthy arteries.

Regular health and maintenance:

6- Sharpshooter provides the best vision formula to keep eyes healthy.

7- GoodTummy (for kids and great for older adults) to keep your gut healthy and support your immune system.


If the price was not an issue, then the priority would be the following with these maximum dosage recommendations:

1- Nitro250 or M98 Resveratrol (2-4 capsules a day, or 1 -2 grams of M98 powder)

2- NMN (This is a new product - 4 capsules a day, 2 in the morning and 2 at night)

3- MetaCurcumin Pump, and use 7-14 servings a day

4- MetaQuercetin Pump, and use 4-8 servings a day

5- TA-65 (1 capsule a day of the 90 Capsule, 250 Unit bottle)

6- ProxyStem (4 capsules a day)

7- Sharpshooter (3 Tablets a day)

8- GoodTummy (1-2 scoops 15-30 mins before food)

I hope this helps

Anthony Loera


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